Dear Guests, Honorable MUN Directors and Most Esteemed Participants,

I would like to welcome each of you to Hisar School’s ninth annual JMUN session. Serving in the media manager position for the second time is personally thrilling for me as I am eager to meet and work with my media team. The future of journalism is changing as we are entering the Digital Age. With the extensive accessibility of the Internet, the media is often struggling to transform, to adapt with this innovative technology. Reports, profiles and articles are not as essential today as they were a decade ago since we are able to reach information much faster.

The future of journalism, or the “new media” as I put, should rely on one key word: interaction. If the new media finds a way to create discussions, which will lead the readers to express their own opinions on different subjects, it can once again accomplish its primary goal; creating a cultured and an erudite society.

I hope this year’s journalists, editors and photographers will get to benefit from our goals effectively and manage to have fun at the same time. I am positive that JMUN will be a productive yet intriguing experience for everyone. 

Eran Sabaner
Media Manager
JMUN 2014