Electronic Device Usage Terms & Conditions

By using (i.e. powering on) any kind of connected electronic device (e.g. Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, Smart watches etc.) during the conference, you agree to abide by the Hisar School Electronic Device Usage Terms & Conditions and the Turkish Cyber Crime law (5651).

- All electronic devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, iPads, iPods and mp3 players must be turned off once the committee is in session.

- You may not bypass or attempt to bypass the internet filters and restrictions.

- You shall have no expectation of privacy regarding internet usage. Due to the Cyber Crime law 5651, Hisar School reserves the right to monitor and record all internet use without prior notice.

- We do not provide a guarantee of any kind regarding system reliability.

- You may not use the network for any kind of commercial gain, profit or illegal activities.

- You may not stream, download, view, share, send, upload, forward or submit pornographic, offensive, obscene, religious or political propaganda materials, or any other material that is not permitted by the Ministry of Education.

- You may not download files that are too large (e.g. films, music, games, programs etc.), that occupy too much bandwidth (i.e. slow down the internet connection) or endanger the security of the network or any other computer connected to it.

- You shall not gain or attempt to gain access to any computer, server, network or system peripheral, email account, internet site, or program file either inside or outside the network without specific authority or rights to such access.

- Hisar JMUN IT Department reserves the right to alter this list without prior notice.

- If this page does not get updated after a change has been made in the Hisar School Electronic Device Usage Terms & Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

- If the copy of law 5651 linked above does not get updated after a change has been made in the original law, the latter shall prevail.